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    Either that or the government understating the numbers of infected Covid-19 cases. But I more believe the latter if we talk about not just US government but the whole world.
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    This small company received excellent results as a therapeutic from RBL's with Briliciden which gave 95-97% results on kidney & lung cells. RBL's have applied for government grants for trials (June 11th) but have heard nothing to date . This poster pretty well sums up small Biotech have with funding:
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    There is so much more involved than good science in getting grants and drug approvals. The entire process is bought and sold top to bottom. The United States pharmaceutical industry and related regulatory structure is corruption incarnate.

    I would not be surprised if we have to partner with a big pharma to get this moving. If we give a BP an 80% cut, they'll make sure we get the funding we need.

    Go IPIX!

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    Because now it looks like we were absolute geniuses for purchasing our antibiotic from bankruptcy court a year ago for $5 million." - LE
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    Has anyone heard of a small biotech named Innovation Pharmaceuticals from MSM? Of course not because they only dwell on Big Pharma! This company developed Brilacidin which has been tested by THREE RBL'S with up to 97% efficacy against Covid-19. Today's PR shows another one at low dosage resulting in 90% efficacy. I've scanned MSMs but nary a mention. Surprised?