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    I'm interviewing next week for my first FTF. I have documentation for my numbers, letters of reference, solid rankings for the past five years. Can anyone provide insight into what specifically they are looking for in terms of selling Immunocap.

    Do they require pre-existing relationships in the territory? is that a deal breaker?

    any other insights would be very helpful.

    thank you.
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    Dude read the other posts in this place. Read every one and then ask this question. If you are this good, get a real position in a place with the level of self-respect that offers respect to those who work for them.
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    Be very leery of Phadia my friend. I was with them for a very short time and resigned last month. I was told the same things I am going to tell you, but I was fed a lot of BS and put my blinders on. First, they seem to "prey" on laid off drug reps. I know a job is better than nothing at all, but I have seen them hire laid off drug reps time and time again over very qualified sales persons who are currently employed. The goals for the past 2 years have been a HUGE stretch. In 2011, nearly half of the sales force (approximately 200 total reps in sales force) have NOT received a bonus. They like to bring you in, give you no cushion for the first month or 2 as you figure out your territory etc. Phadia was also just bought by Thermo Fisher, so I'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing. I would lean towards bad since Phadia buys off a lot of customers for their business and I don't think Thermo is going to have any of the shady tactics go on during their watch. The main test, Immunocap is not seen as the be all end to the docs as that the company will tell you. Thats why after about 8 years only 2% of docs use it routinely. It is a VERY expensive test and managed care and lab coverage can be a nightmare. Just be careful and good luck!
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    This is an honest, straight-up post. It remains to be seen if TFS is an ethical operation, or of their culture is better than this hell-hole. Speaking from the lab side, the support in place for reps is not always the best. As DK would say, you can only beat this horse for so much longer. The goal has been accomplished, the company is sold, now what is the question.
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    Thank you to last 2 posts for the candid responses. I really appreciate it. knowing what you are walking into is an immense challenge.

    Thanks again-
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    Heed the above poster's advice. I've been at phadia over a 1 year which makes me "senior", if that gives you further insight. If you are a white male, conform, kiss butt you'll be on the fast track for management. So if you fit that citeria then by all means take the job.

    Independent, creative people are pushed out even though are "top-performers" and bring a lot to the phadia table.

    If you take the job, be aware they are a bunch of backstabbers. They are so nice and charming to you face and then "wham" they will get you when you least expect it.

    Sounds paranoid but it is the truth.

    Good luck, made a huge error coming here. Hopefully, it will all be resolved soon.
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    Yes, this is very true. Whether on the lab or sales side, you will get hit suddenly if they decide to take whatever salary you are getting to invest elsewhere. Now, as you go through this, if you are so unfortunate, you will be tormented prior to dismissal for your numerous failures. You will be set up. Some people bear up under this better than others.

    You are not to think anything but the "fact" that you are incompetent, you fail to deliver, etc.

    There is no strategy, no coaching, no genuine effort to come to grips with the reality presented within a given area, region, or territory. There is no real group problem solving. If your boss comes in with you, be aware this may weaken your position with the customer, but any disruption in the business you have so carefully established will be blamed on you. Same is true if you take direction from said boss, eager to turn the fastest buck possible. If anything comes up that implies you are part of one of the many sudden disruptions that occur in the order of this type of business, with all its complicated dependencies - if you get in you wil llearn what that means - you will be blamed. If you lay out reality, it is your version of it that will be questioned.

    Many have same initials, but understand TN and MM are not unintelligent and use what they have in whatever way they wish to suit their purposes. They choose to be this way, and were probably great salespeople back in the day, according to a very old model. But they are not leaders of others.

    The better news is that you will have alot of underground support, because Phadia does have good, but powerless people working for it. That is why some of us stay for now.
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    Yes, MM and TN are intelligent, although inept at leading. As the above poster stated. The good people are "powerless", no they have power, more than they know. Their opponent is very powerful, even though they underestimate the threat, they will be very surprised. Mark my words. I speak the truth always.
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    At least the truth has been expressed well by many.

    This is a place to learn much. You can't run a company you don't understand from the ground floor up. Anyone can be sold a bill of goods. Injustice can be done right under your nose that can affect the pride people have in where they work. That a company reputation matters both inside and outside the organization.

    That you can't render people powerless, it is something they decide to be.

    That lab people and anyone involved in business development speak to one another outside of business, locally and regionally, and know far more than we give them credit for.

    Job hunters look for evidence of good leadership and an ability to articulate and deliver a decent strategy without letting your attention leak all over the place in desperate grabs for the dollar.

    And those who enter, on the day you have that sit down with one guy mentioned before or the other, remember, the train wreck and failure was very likely not about you. And yes, the language used against others, outside the earshot of the guy who you would think would manage such things, is disrespectful, humiliating, and inhumane. Not how you would run a company of others, be they professionals, non-pros, or troops.
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    well, well, well above poster you are very intelligent. Do you work for Phadia? If so or not, please send me your contact information. Not on this site but as I've stated before: I have always exelled at both math and science.

    Your right, you can't render someone powerless, (that) is something they decide. However, phadia's MOA is to take intelligent people and beat them down so they think they are powerless. I'm lucky in that I don't let people beat me done as much as they've tried. Believe me they've tried on more than one occasion. I also, have "lady luck" on my side in that my background enables me to get a job tomorrow. Most people at phadia don't have that option.

    As I've stated before, I like DE. However, I know someone who got dismissed for speaking to him and not following chain of command. Everyone knows that definition of insanity: doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome. I believe Einstein said that...

    DE change your culture or someone will change it for you. The military model is fine when implemented properly. Also, diversity and women will add a lot to your culture contrary to what your trusted inner circle tell you. We all know who those people are but just to clarify: TN and MM.
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    Phadia is a hell hole full of snakes. Run dont walk from this place they will steal your soul and kill your ethics.
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    The troops are tired indeed, and spirits are low.
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    many of your people are honest, credible and make a good impression. The value of this tends to be underestimated in companies too anxious to turn too green too fast. recall a meeting with Thomaso and influential player. Dropped us like a hot moldy potato. Where did we pick up the snake oil? Leaves a greasy feel everywhere. Could have been saved had the snake an ounce of humility or professional presence. Other instance, professional disc turned to dollar signs. There snake oil is used for grease my palm game. Phadia can be above this. Waiting.
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    Now you got reps at Phadia tape recording calls with Dm, putting together all sales direction pieces and documenting them like a trial lawyer, and most of all speaking to other reps in the area who have been crushed by this dictatorship and manager by fear tactic that is about to blow up in many faces.

    Correct. Phadia is in for a huge lawsuit. Bad-timing, in that TFS about to aquire them. Wonder if that will ever happen?

    The one person that could have helped Phadia they screwed over, much to our gain. This employee was key to the whole end-game but constantly stood up for phadia until now. Our firm was delighted. Until now, couldn't get this individual to budge.

    It was all planned out and they never even saw it coming. Even with all their self-avowed geniuses.
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    Phadia's endgame does not make sense. The employee we were told to contact, was very resistant. This individual is well connected in the area living/elsewhere. Connected through a different employment case about this phadia employee. I reached out, shut me down.

    Out of the clear blue, the employee contacted me to proceed with what was offered. Not $ motivated, wants to give it all to some charity.

    Never met a more credible witness. We got lucky. Drinks anyone? God, we tried for so long.
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    Review employment law. It varies from state to state. Your reps can record their discussions with managers. Depends.
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    The charity is NON
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    If you're a woman interviewing for this place, don't. It's better to remain out of the ranks of misery here. You cannot bloom here. As one person says, you'll be treated like a mushroom....left in the dark and fed shit.
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    I'll second that motion. No ethical female leadership. The males who "run the show" will harass you and try to put you in your "place".