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Discussion in 'Bio Reference' started by Anonymous, Aug 26, 2010 at 2:46 AM.

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  1. Anonymous

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    Has anyone heard of this lab? Trying to take my business in NJ, do not know who they are.
  2. Anonymous

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    Stop your whining Chris!!
  3. Anonymous

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    Russian Mafia. You have no shot if doc is crooked
  4. Anonymous

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    I think they are the new pathology lab in Rockland County that was started a little over a year ago by the 2 guys that got fired/left BRLI. The guys that there was an article about in the Bergen Record - I can't think of their names. That would explain why they are going after your accounts. I've noticed a lot of boexs of theirs around Bergen County.
  5. Anonymous

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    That would be S.R. and M.C.(Mr Rolex)
  6. Anonymous

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    That would be S.R. and M.C.(Mr Rolex)
  7. Anonymous

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    Is this the same lab as Orange Pathology Associates ?
  8. Anonymous

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    I like cotton candy !!!!
  9. Anonymous

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    This lab was started by two pathologists. One from Orange Regional Medical Center the other from Good Samaritan in Suffern. They are a group of twenty pathologists spread among ten hospitals in NY and NJ. Mostly community hospitals. They were Orange Pathology and suckered the dumb CEO's of these hospitals into letting them pull out all of the histology and centralize it in Rockland County. They have like three other names or sub corporations. None of the Pathologists are of any well known level or thought leader caliber. There histology SUCKS, they sent some slides to our hospital in NYC for a consult and our Chairman thought they should go play golf somewhere. They are trying to take over hospital pathology labs in NJ and in NY. They also at the same time are trying to get the hemeonc business and have just tried the Plus Model for urology. They are all over the map. Rumor is they are just hoping to be bought by Labcorp, Quest or even a Clarient or sonic. Just in it for the money, and yes the former guys from Genpath helped start this lab. I would not trust those two as far as King Kong could throw them! I heard from a Histo that interviewed there that the lab is a mess and is in like three small suites and spread all over a small industrial park. If you work for a competitor ask the oncologists etc to ask Pathline for a tour of their facilities, then have them tour yours (as long as it too is not a dump). I would be very careful around these guys. and any hospital or Pathology group that joins them are fools. They will wake up next year and find out that they now work for quest and that the hospital lab is now run by Quest.
    Also the head hemepath from Genpath is there now.
  10. Anonymous

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    what head path went there? The one that used to be with Impath?
  11. Anonymous

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    I think Dr. Liu from Genpath, not the guy from Impath.
  12. Anonymous

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    Bio-Reference Laboratories Inc. of Elmwood Park has sued two departing employees over company information it says it fears might be used by a competitor.

    The clinical testing laboratory filed suit in U.S. District Court in Newark against Sam Ruta of Yardley, Pa., a departing sales manager, and Matt Carey of Fairfield, Conn., a departing salesman. Both men were hired in 2003 and recently gave notice.

    The suit asks the court to order the two men to allow Bio-Reference to remove its business information from their computers.

    "Bio-Reference has no basis for this suit," said Steve Kramarsky, a lawyer for Ruta and Carey. "These are two guys who left their jobs, which they're obviously allowed to do."

    Kramarsky said the two men offered to return all of Bio-Reference's information from their computers but refused to allow the company to "go on a fishing expedition through their personal computers."

    He said both men have turned their computers and BlackBerrys over to him, and have no access to the information on them.

    The suit says Ruta and Carey signed contracts that limit their work competing with Bio-Reference after their departure.

    Though the two men have not told the company of their career plans, Bio-Reference said in its suit that it believes they plan to work with a competing lab. It cited a meeting Carey and Ruta had with Schuyler Newman, an owner of Orange Regional Pathology in Middletown, N.Y.

    A lawyer for Bio-Reference did not return a call seeking comment.
  13. Anonymous

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    Any more information on these guys? Are they hiring? Are they growing?

    They keep trying to convince more pathologists to sign over their practices.

    Had one Oncologist claim that the pathologists are making sales calls in NJ.
  14. Anonymous

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    Now I am hearing these guys are starting to offer "incentives" to offices.
    You can take the man out of GenPath but you can't take Genpath out of the man!

    Is this true. Also how do you convince hospitals to only send their work to your core lab when your corelab is not owned by the hospital but your pathologists work at the hospital and are employed by the core lab or are partners? There has to be something not legal about this arrangement.
  15. Florida guy

    Florida guy Guest

    Rumors aside..

    Sam Ruta will clean your clock head to head.....especially if you don't know your product inside-out. Say what you want but the guy knows his shit...He saw the cluster at Genapth and bolted. Chuck Todd called a special Genpath sales meeting when Sam Ruta's non compete was up to strategize on how to keep him from taking their business.

    Seen the Genpath lab lately? Not exactly impressive. More like a shit hole.

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