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Please avoid crossposting the same post on multiple boards

Discussion in 'Important: Board Posting Policies' started by cafead, May 2, 2004 at 11:43 AM.

  1. cafead

    cafead Administrator
    Staff Member

    Nov 21, 2001
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    Please everyone, do not crosspost the same post on all of the forums (or most of them). Even if a post is not in violation of our posting policy, if it is posted many times on multiple boards, we will probably end up deleting the "extra posts."

    We do this so that users do not have to wade through countless instances of the same posts when checking the "past 24 hours" new posts link.

    Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

  2. iamjohnsfan

    iamjohnsfan Guest

    thank you for the clarification
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    How many times do we have to see the following thread? I have already counted 3!

    Background check question


    Ok, so I fully understand that I am probably going to get ripped for this, but I could use some serious feedback mixed in. Here is my scenario: I was just given a verbal offer for a med. equip. position. I worked for a big pharma company from 2003-2004. Then I went back to school for a year. Shortly after that year, I had some family emergencies that forced me to go back to work. I successfully landed a new pharma job in the summer of 2005 by stating on my resume that I was still employed with the company that I left in 2004. Not a problem at that time because I didn't give permission to contact my "current" employer. However, now that I am in line for this new position, and my resume shows that I don't have any gap in employment, will that year off show up on the background check? I called my previous employer under the guise that I was checking employment dates for a potential employee and they said that they could only verify what I have for information already. I told them that the "candidate" had stated she worked there from 8/2003-8/2005. They told me that the start date was correct, but for the end date that the month was correct and the year was wrong. What should I do if after conducting the background check, I am questioned about this little indiscretion? Can I simply say that it must be a typo in the company's system? It is obviously too late to backpedal and explain the going back to school thing. Any help would be more than greatly appreciated.