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Since 2001, has been the premier website for pharmaceutical reps, med device reps, and others in the pharma and medical sales industries. We have news, research links, message boards, articles, and more. We currently receive approximately 12,000 to 15,000 unique visitors per day, with traffic from behind the firewalls of most major and smaller pharmaceutical and biotech companies. In addition, we have a strong base of pharmaceutical job seekers and industry investors.

Visitors to our site view an average of over 5 pages per visit, with the most popular areas being our front page (with a hand-selected newsfeed updated 7 days per week) and the message boards.

An ongoing voluntary demographic survey of our site visitors shows the demographic attractiveness of our users:

* 94% have at least an undergraduate degree
* 38% have some graduate work or a graduate degree
* 48% have an annual hh income of $100K or more
* 56% male, 42% female
* 30% are 25-34 years old
* 35% are 35-44 years old

In addition, the survey indicated that 51% had bookmarked our site, 18% visit on a daily basis, and 26% visit several times a week.

We currently have several advertising opportunities on

Banner ads:

Banner ads are sold by impressions, with one impression counted every time an ad is loaded. Cost is $10 CPM for specific locations, and $8 CPM for run of site. Minimum buy is $600 per month. For example, if you purchased 50,000 impressions to run on the front page only, the total cost would be $500 (50,000/1000 = 50 lots of 1000 impressions, at the cost of $10 per 1000 = 50 X $10 = $500). Bulk discounts are available for purchases of 100,000 impressions or more.

Static Front Page Ads:

A limited number of static front page ads are also available. These ads will be shown each and every time the front page loads during the buy period (instead of rotating like banner ads). Discounts are given for quantity purchases:

per month: $4,200
per quarter: $12,000 ($4,000 monthly cost)

Message Board Sponsorship:

Message board sponsors will have a 300 x 250 pixel ad on the left-hand side of the message boards above the Google ads. The sponsorship ads are static and will show each and every time a message board page is loaded.

per month: $17,500

per quarter: $42,000 ($14,000 per month)

Small Message Board Static:

We also have an ad size for those who want to run a static ad on the message boards, but may not have the budget for the larger sponsorship size above. This ad is 300 pixels wide by 100 pixels high. This ad will appear at the top of the ad column on the left hand side of message board pages. Advertisers will get an incredible value with these ads since the CPM will be approximately $.85. This gives advertisers an economical way to reach virtually all of the users on the message boards.

We will limit these ads to a maximum of four at any one time.

per month: $4,500

Per quarter: $12,000 ($4,000 per month)


In some cases we will allow the purchase of exclusive rights to advertise specific products or services. If you are interested in an exclusive advertising agreement, please let us know via our contact form.

Front Page Newsfeed Sponsorship:

A front page newsfeed sponsorship may also be available. Advertisers will be able to place an ad directly under the heading of our newsfeed. This newsfeed is updated 7 days per week. Discounts are given for quantity purchases:

per month: $2,000
per quarter: $5,400 ($1,800 monthly cost)

Text ads:

Please click here to get information on our new text ads, where you can place geographically-targeted text ads for as low as $100 per month per geographic location.

All rates are net as listed. Rates are subject to change without notice. All advertising must be paid for in advance, unless prior arrangements are made.

We can also work with you to develop other advertising solutions. Please let us know if you would like an account rep to call you.

For further information or to place an ad, please send e-mail to: