Comp Plan

What a load of horse shit. Same goal for everyone across the board sets up the top for success and the bottom for failure.

Yes and that’s the way it’s suppose to be. We all started from zero. The people that are successful, need to be rewarded. If you are at the bottom, you should get NOTHING!

Nobody will make money on the comp plan. Takeda is all about money! No interest in the patient at all. The philosophy here has changed too. They don't care about there people either. Just ask the reps! Nobody has made on the launch of Entyvio Pen. Everyone will leave!!! Salaries are sub-standard, no bonuses, no morale, poor leadership, no managed care coverage, etc. Amazing how Takeda has changed! Clean house on leadership, then you will see things turn around. Hard to believe nobody sees what is going on. Time to go make the money you deserve!!!I hope Takeda gets what it has coming to it!!! Karma is real. You are screwing over so many people who have worked hard here. Good luck to all the Entyvio reps. You all deserve better than this. Takeda you will fail, and fail miserably. Be prepared!!!