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  1. anonymous

    What'd We Do Today?!

    Yep, that's why Opdivo sales are declining year over year. Nothing is moving at BMS with the assistance of a very expensive salesforce. The sales generated would be there WITHOUT paying a "sales rep" to conduct their family life. Someone should...

  2. anonymous

    Implicit Bias

    "Creating a problem and then solving the problem in order to justify my existence"

  3. anonymous

    Skywriting on wall ! After rebirthing is happening

    what rebound? It was just announced yesterday that you netted a whopping $5M for the quarter for MeTooDopa. That equates to les than $20M net annually. this dog isnt even at break even. with this trajectory, you will never even hit $60M.

  4. anonymous

    Vaccine list

    So you are all wrapped around the axle because of some minor vaccine/ virus disclosure/ testing. Maybe you forgot that you all had to allow these companies to dig into your employment background, education background, finances, driving records,...

  5. anonymous

    abbott diabetics

    Dexcom did put out a better CGM early on. But ADC has a better sensor (thanks to Dr. Ben) and once the R&D group at ADC got moving in the right direction it was a no brainer. After the Libre feasibility studies where done both Miles and Heather...

  6. anonymous


    This mindset did not come from the sales force. It came from corporate adoption of the OZ principle. The OZ principle emphasizes out of the box thinking and accountability. Although accountability always seemed to roll downhill from the E-suite.

  7. anonymous

    Is it just me or…

    You need to take your meds.

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