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  1. anonymous
  2. anonymous


    You mean cluster 1.

  3. anonymous

    Vikor Scientific

    Do your own research! This is the problem with many Vikor employees. They want to know the dirt, yet never do their own research in order to make a smart, ethical, and moral decision to leave on their own.

  4. anonymous
  5. anonymous

    This is not the same job as it was 5/10 years ago!

    Had the opportunity in device sales...i know i can do it, but the job and demand of being on-call and getting 3am phone calls on a weekend is not something i want to do now that I’m not in my 20’s anymore. The key is to keep moving...roles and...

  6. anonymous

    Teva blows!

    I wasn't on my meds when we decided to get rid of you. You did that to yourself!

  7. anonymous

    Once and for all Aducanumab is not getting approved

    Hell no it ain’t gettin approved ya mofo. Once those no good bastards did not move me forward in hiring process adu was doomed.

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