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  1. cafead

    Medtech venture backers go in early

    via The remarkably robust dealmaking in the medtech sector last year seems to have led venture investors to rediscover their willingness to back young companies. Of all the venture cash invested in device and diagnostics makers so far this year,...

  2. cafead

    Apellis set to take on Alexion as FDA clears PNH drug Empaveli

    via Apellis Pharma has secured FDA approval for its complement C3 inhibitor Empaveli as a treatment for paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH) – with a label that will allow it to challenge Alexion’s established therapies directly. article source

  3. cafead

    Double ransomware attack targets Irish healthcare system

    via Criminals have launched a ransomware attack against the Department of Health in Ireland, shortly after a similar cyberattack shut down much of the IT infrastructure at the Health Service Executive (HSE). article source

  4. cafead

    At Illumina, the ‘era of the genome’ has arrived. But what role will the company play?

    via “We are exiting the pandemic, and entering the era of the genome,” deSouza said. He thinks that the pandemic has, in fact, accelerated the science and its adoption by perhaps five years. And he also believes that public discussions around...

  5. cafead

    Dr. Reddy’s begins pilot of Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine in India

    via Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories has started a limited pilot of the Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine, developed by Russian scientists, in India following regulatory authorisation from the Central Drugs Laboratory. article source

  6. Jack MeHoff

    Quest Diagnostics takes a second look at BioReference

    sounds like you need to get back on your meds

  7. anonymous


    So did Wall Street

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