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  1. anonymous

    Long Island Opening

    It has not....stay away!

  2. anonymous

    Davide Piras

    What great values and behaviors you are modeling for your kids: dishonesty, cheating and badmouthing. No wonder this country is f*cked.

  3. anonymous

    Allergy Territory Account Specialist

    please find the quote where I said I was retired, you pissant know it all. I’ll wait.

  4. anonymous

    Low salary and no company car

    Did you come from B&L? I work there and am going on a final interview for Tarsus? Will relationships with optometrists help or is the price/coverage/etc truly a giant roadblock to success everywhere?

  5. anonymous

    ATTR Salesforce

    $1000/month car allowance. No EV requirements. Territory Representatives $185k base $45k target bonus. Stock options. Indications Poly Neuropathy and Cardiomyopathy for wild type and familial all at launch.

  6. anonymous
  7. anonymous
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