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  1. anonymous

    Why is Gilot still here?

    Let’s hope AZ clues in, sees what a liability this guy is and then sends him on his way to the next stupid Pharma company to hire him for his experience as a “leader”. What a joke.

  2. anonymous

    GSK: Real People, Real Misery

    Can someone post the answer on workplace please?

  3. anonymous

    Agile Therapeutics

    Do all of us a favor and quit.

  4. anonymous
  5. anonymous

    US Reps to be Vaccinated

    Exactly it's not a vaccine it's experimental not even FDA approved no long term data many having major issues with it too

  6. anonymous

    Which vaccine would you take?

    AGREE. I'm not their guinea pig. none of these vacs guinea pigs

  7. anonymous


    Pop Quiz! Q: Over two decades, speaker programs have proven themselves to be consistently unwelcomed, unnecessary, and quite obviously unattended by health care professionals ... yet continue to be EXTREMELY LUCRATIVE for whom? [FILL IN THE...

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