Why Medical and Pharma Sales Reps Should Start Their Own Senior Care Business

October 6, 2023

Starting an Amada franchise business can be an exciting endeavor. One group of professionals particularly well-suited for this venture are medical device sales reps or pharma sales reps. These sales rockstars possess a wealth of institutional knowledge within the medical field and within care services, making them ideal candidates for opening their own Amada franchise business.

Kevin Fehr, the Amada Senior Care franchise owner in Nashville Tennessee, was working as a senior director at Merck in Virginia when he decided that leaving pharmaceuticals for in-home senior care was right for him. He had spent 16 years with Merck and Pfizer, a career span during which he earned several promotions and relocated frequently as part of the job. “I decided to join Amada after doing my due diligence,” Fehr said.

He and his wife, Kelly, are from suburban Philadelphia; however, the Amada territories there had been sold. They decided on settling in Nashville where they had some family but no business relationships to speak of. 

“It’s all about the entrepreneurial mindset,” Fehr said of launching Amada Nashville in late 2014. “I didn’t know what I was getting into except that I knew I liked helping seniors. At first, it was me in a little office with a laptop. From sunup to sundown, I was going to every networking event that had anything to do with senior care and business. I felt like a politician shaking hands and kissing babies and getting to know people! But fast forward nine years later and I see it was a pretty good gamble.”

In-Home Care Franchise Expertise

Medical sales reps and pharma reps spend years building in-depth knowledge about medical products, equipment, and services. They interact with healthcare professionals and caregivers, understand the specific needs of patients, and navigate the complexities of the healthcare system. This unique expertise gives them a competitive advantage as entrepreneurs when opening an Amada franchise, as they are already well-versed in the industry's nuances and are capable of providing valuable insights to their customers.

“You ask yourself ‘how am I going to start’ and see that it’s about the relationships you’re going to create, not just relationships with referral sources but with people in your community,” Fehr said. “I was able to leverage my experience from the leadership roles I had at Merck to do that.”

Established Network and Franchise Opportunities

Successful medical sales reps and pharma reps have built an extensive network of contacts within the healthcare community. From doctors to nurse case managers and discharge planners, they have nurtured professional relationships that can be leveraged for business opportunities when launching their Amada franchise. Building a franchise business often relies on building trust and credibility, which medical sales reps and pharma reps can establish more quickly due to their existing connections.

Fehr’s best networking decision was to join the chamber of commerce – not only join it but take a highly active role as an ambassador welcoming new businesses. “I invested in the chamber to become actively involved in the community which is critical to having a lot of opportunities open up,” Fehr said. “Within the chamber we had a healthcare council which I attended from the beginning.”

“In early 2020 when Covid was getting started, the chairperson stepped down and I was asked to chair the council which was a great honor,” Fehr said. “I can call the CEO of our hospital. I have his cell, he has mine. He is on the council I chair. “The relationships my wife and I have built I think is critical in any business, and I think leveraging yourself out in the community is the fastest way to do that.”

Understanding Elder Care Needs

Medical sales reps and pharma reps are accustomed to understanding customer needs and tailoring solutions to address them effectively. This essential skill translates seamlessly into an in-home care service franchise business, where identifying and meeting the needs of senior clients is vital for success. Whether it's assisting families and loved ones of senior clients with in-home care options or helping healthcare facilities optimize their operations, medical sales reps and pharma reps can adeptly adapt their expertise to the Amada franchise model.

“The demand is going to continue to be exorbitant,” Fehr said. “We all know 10,000 people a day are turning 65 and the data says that 75 percent of them are going to need the services of Amada Senior Care. We have to be intelligent about how we’re going to approach that huge demand. It’s a fun challenge.”

Amada Senior Care

Sales and Marketing Experience for Starting a Senior Care Business

Pharma reps and medical sales representatives are well-versed in sales and marketing strategies to promote products and services effectively. This experience can be a game-changer when it comes to attracting clients, engaging in community outreach, and positioning their in-home care franchise as a trusted resource for healthcare solutions. Their ability to articulate the benefits of Amada's offerings in their business model to potential customers is a valuable asset that can drive business growth.

“One of the downstream effects of Covid is that access to our referral sources is becoming less,” Fehr noted. “It’s not that they don’t want to see you. They do, it’s just becoming less. So, we shifted toward comprehensive media, social media, and artificial intelligence type of platforms where we get the name of Amada out there and it’s really starting to take shape.”

Strong Work Ethic and Dedication to Senior Personal Care

The medical sales field demands persistence, dedication, and a strong work ethic. These qualities are crucial for running a successful senior in-home care franchise business, where hard work and determination often lay the foundation for long-term success. Medical sales reps and pharma reps are accustomed to working independently and being self-motivated, attributes that are essential for thriving as a franchise owner.

The Fehrs divided and conquered when it came to establishing their roles in their Amada Nashville business. “I am responsible for business development and as Kelly would say, I am the face of Amada,” Kevin Fehr said. “Kelly runs the operations, and she hired an amazing staff. We have tremendous longevity with our employees because we established a culture based on treating people right. Culture at Amada Nashville is huge.”

“We built a system where I follow up on the client leads,” Fehr added. “I go out and sign up every one of our clients, and we probably have about 100 clients. It is critically important to me to be the face of my business and to meet every family. Sometimes that means I’m working 12- to 14-hour days and sometimes I go a few days without meeting with a family to onboard a senior client. But I wanted that responsibility.”

Support from Amada and the Senior Care Industry

Opening an Amada Senior Care franchise offers the advantage of a well-established and reputable brand in the healthcare industry. Amada has a proven track record of providing quality care solutions and senior services, making it an attractive option for those looking to venture into the healthcare franchise sector. Additionally, Amada offers comprehensive training, ongoing support, and marketing assistance, which complements the expertise of medical sales reps and pharma reps and enhances their chances of a successful business launch.

Amada Senior Care earned national certification as a Great Place to Work™ which the Fehrs were able to leverage in seeking a local “best place to work” designation through The Tennessean newspaper. “It’s a local pat on the back,” explained Kevin. “The head of the newspaper called to congratulate us and said that our scores for Amada Nashville were the highest by far of any healthcare company.”

Start Your In-Home Care Business Today and Make a Positive Impact on the Senior Population

Medical sales reps and pharma reps and pharma reps are indeed excellent candidates for opening their own Amada franchise business. Their industry expertise, established network, customer-centric approach, sales and marketing experience, and strong work ethic make them well-prepared to embark on this rewarding senior care service journey. By combining their existing knowledge with the advantages offered by the Amada franchise model, medical sales reps and pharma reps can carve a niche for themselves in the healthcare sector, making a positive impact on the lives of senior patients and their families. Contact us today to learn more.

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