CNN Article Details Deaths and Other Adverse Events Linked to Acadia's Nuplazid

The article discusses the concern over the number of deaths (244) and other adverse events linked to nuplazid. The drug was approved in April of 2016 as a much needed treatment for Parkinson's disease psychosis.

Though it was approved by a 12 to 2 margin even some committee members who voted for approval had reservations. "I guess I'm hoping that the risks are going to be small, and I think the benefits for some of these people who are very sick and whose families are affected by this, I think they're probably willing to take that risk," one physician stated.

Since approval some patients have reported little benefit from the drug and the adverse event reports have been surprising to some. "This is almost unheard of, to have this many deaths reported," said Diana Zuckerman

The FDA and Acadia continue to believe that the benefits to these very sick patients outweigh the risks associated with the drug. You can read the full article on CNN here.

As of this writing Acadia shares are down approximately 20% from Friday's close.