Need help because of manager's harassment

Discussion in 'The Darkened Sample Closet' started by Anonymous, Nov 23, 2014 at 2:54 PM.

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    I would LOVE to work for you! :)

  2. Anonymous

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    simple solution- if your are a female, just claim sexual harassment.....
  3. Drug Dumper

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    Feb 17, 2007
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    It's not that need months and MONTHS of documentation, and someone to back it all up.

    It's pretty hard to find someone who is willing to lose their livelihood for you.
  4. Anonymous

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    There are people who have been sexually harassed by superiors with witnesses and proof and HR still did not rule in the rep's favor.
  5. Anonymous

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    I knew someone who quit because she was fed up with her manager without another job lined up and drove to the closeout in her Lexus dressed to the nines and wearing her best jewelry (the manager was actually shaking in her presence because of her strength).

    The company car was picked up separately in that company.
  6. Anonymous

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    That's what's up!!!!!

    Make THEM sweat. Seeing you empowered is a pharma manager's WORST nightmare.

  7. Anonymous

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    Get out of pharma and you may! ;)
    But you have to promise to get out.

  8. Drug Dumper

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    Feb 17, 2007
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    Seriously? Getting all dressed up with "your best jewelry" will intimidate a DM? har-dee-har-har.....
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    A cheap manager who probably saved the first dollar that he ever made would not know how to react and he clearly didn't (he was also in shock that the rep quit without another job lined up).
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    I promise up and down!
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    Thank you for this great bit of advice because I did contact the other person and the same exact thing was happening to him!
  12. Anonymous

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    It's not about the bling oh small minded one-it's about the confidence a woman feels in her best (best jewlrey/best shoes).

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    I disagree about going to HR. They will not keep it confidential, and most likely will then work with this arsehole to take you out. HR is there to protect the company and protect it's managers. They are NOT there to protect Reps. In smaller companies I guarantee you they will tell him everything you said. It sucks, but it is what it is.

    I would suggest you document everything on your own.

    What happened?
    When? Time and date
    Witnesses? Other Region Members hear it or see it?
    Any written questionable material showing you are being treated differently.

    Lastly, if you are serious about protecting yourself you need to consult an attorney. They will give you an initial consult and then inform you whether it is worth it to pursue. If they feel you have a case they will help you document it. Good luck
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    exactly correct.
    NEVER go to HR unless you have a strong contact at HR or you have something in writing o recorded that the manager has said.
    Been burned by HR in the past after getting fed up with a hostile work environment, and they called me a liar. Wish I was making this up.
    Right now, I have a personal policy to never go to HR, but to look for a new job if in a bad situation with management.
    Good luck.
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    Good god, I swear worked for the same DM.

    My advice is this - Don't go to HR until you have another job lined up or are willing to leave. The idiots here posting this advice don't know their ass from their elbow.

    HR is career suicide - don't think for a minute they are here to help you. They will reach out to the manager and talk to him of the "anonymous" complain and he will know it was you. He will fire you in less than 6 months.

    There's only one thing you could do. Brown nose him. Sit down and talk to him. Give him the corporate lies he wants to hear about how you are working hard growing your territory and apologize for anything and everything. You don't have to out run the bear you just gotta out run the other guy. Aim to get on his good side until he finds someone else to pick on.
  16. Anonymous

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    I would never do it this way.
    I have too much self pride.
    I'd document the mess out of HR and the manager AND line up a job.
    To look back and know you were punked by a punk manager, no thank you.
    Life is to short to be somebody's b*tch and the industry is full of too many sucks like the PP.

    Bump that. Get fired first. You will get unemployment and you will still be employable when you're ready.

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    My jerk manager harasses the heck out of me too and wants me out even though he won't be my manger anymore!

    I already made peace with the job and am looking for another but this crap is taking a toll on my health and it's not good.

    Oh--HR is in 100% with his secrets and lies.
  18. Anonymous

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    In the same boat and this douche manager is giving me nightmares.

    I'm starting to look but does anyone have any proven way not to let this get to you?

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    Proverbs 3:6
    The works
  20. The replies are great!! Just be aware that every HR department is different and you could have very different outcomes.

    Just be prepared. :)

    One thing I would say, is to make certain that you are doing all that is right. You won't be perfect but when you look at the policies etc, sometimes you might be surprised about the areas you might need to brush up.

    Doing this will also remove evidence that your manager can use as justification for his behavior.

    Then do everything everyone else has said. But do start looking for another position AND securing people who can give you a good reference other than this turd.

    You will be surprised as to how relieved you will feel by having a few resumes out to recruiters. Good luck!!