Need help because of manager's harassment

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    I'm the OP and I wanted to thank everybody once more for all of their helpful posts!

    I ended up taking some time off and leaving that job because I was in a no win situation.

    My gut feeling had been right in that the manager wanted to put me on a plan and, interestingly, that manager wasn't even my manager anymore but was insisting to do it with the full cooperation of HR before the new manager officially started.

    The HR witch also violated my HIPAA rights by sharing a private medical note that was sent to her from my doctor when I took a day off with my manager and the manager was stupid enough to reference it in electronic communication with me along with my personal doctor's name.

    In all fairness--I hated but tolerated the crap treatment as best as I could but when my federal rights were violated I had to make a complaint to the same HR witch as well as the chief of compliance when I submitted my resignation.

    The HR witch never said a word about her wrongdoing and the compliance dude was very wishy-washy about the whole thing by saying that it really wasn't a HIPAA violation because of a possible "perceived conflict of interest" because a doctor I called on for business was also my personal medical doctor (but it's BS) and the compliance guy also reassured me that it was not a conflict of interest (even though I already knew that).

    The compliance guy even offered me my job back but the HR witch quickly put the kibosh on it (I think she's genuinely scared of me now).

    I have spoken with attorneys who say that I have a good case but I'm so happy to be gone and for the peace of mind (even though I feel I'm still recovering a bit).

    Thank you once more to everyone out there because your helpful posts meant to world to me as well as your sincere care!

    If anyone has anymore advice--I'd love to read it.

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    Wish I got an attorney for my nightmare a few years ago. At least they gave me a big severance check before I left. What a bunch of loser I worked for…and that is the lesson learned…if you are in a loser work situation, surrounded by idiots, then move on. I refuse to work in a POD, for example. I will never do it again.

    Good for you on the lawyer move. You should win.

    Now, let the lawyers do their thing, and don't talk to anyone about your situation, and be careful on your posts here as well. Keep everything general, with no names, as you have been.
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    I'm still on the fence about the whole lawsuit thing because I seriously don't need the headache (even though I am disgusted). Yes, I'm being very careful about what I'm posting on here because anything can be read at anytime.

    Could you only accept your severance if you promised not to sue?
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    Only file a suit if you plan to never get back into sales.

    if you want to stay in sales, then I would just look for another job.
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    Yes, move fwd. I too was in a repetitively mentally abusive situation in Pharma for almost 2 yrs. When i left, I persued EEOC charges. My case was confirmed to be valid. Then, I dropped it. I NEEDED to move fwd and I could not as long as I held on to the charges. I had to keep the painful memories alive, reliving them constantly, and experienced anxiety disorders and nervous fits. I was mentally exhausted from the abuse and paralyzed by the process. So I let it go. Then the healing began and my new careers opened up. I was further vindicated when I bumped into my former manager who apologized and applauded my character.

    I'm glad I let it it go too.keep moving fwd.congrats.
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    Thank god that Abbvie manager finally retired!