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    It's like a franchise opportunity, but they pay you a salary instead of you having to take out a loan to buy into it yourself - if you are looking for a great long term opportunity Dynasplint is great! Don't think about $50K-$65K the first year ... think about growing the business and creating $100K earings the next 1-2 years, then growing it more from there ... all while helping people. Consider yourself lucky to get such a rare opportunity with out having to dig into your own pockets to get it started. Instead you'll actually get a paycheck that YOU can increase by doing well!
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    Thanks poster #15! That helps a lot. I am the one that asked about the foot/ankle division earlier. That's all very good info.
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    Why consider it like a franchise?
    There are a lot of negative comments about Dynasplint on this site so am I crazy for considering this opportunity?


    I believe that the poster was making a comparison between running your own territory at Dynasplint and a franchise. You do not have to purchase your inventory, collatoral materials, and you are provided back office support and a base paycheck. Are you crazy for considering Dynasplint? There are always going to be nay-sayers on boards who didn't do well with the company and are bitter. Ask the Regional Manager at interview time for a sales consultant to talk to, and ask your hard questions. You would probably not be looking here if you didn't like sales, and want to be part of helping people restore theor range of motion and improve their lives. Dynasplint is a good company, and you are not crazy!
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    Everyone who works for DSI is held to the same standard of performance. The President of Dynasplint has placed key people in whom he trusts and believes will do the right thing in leadership positions. Therefore, if a sales consultant (including a daughter) is not performing in the way that they should, and has given PLENTY of coaching and the opportunity to succeed and still does not improve, then they must be terminated. That is just best business practice.
    I respect a company that has morals and standards to not “hand-over” success to someone just because they are a family member. Fairness dictates that that’s the way it must be. Most people look for a company where everyone is treated fairly and favoritism is not based on your last name.
    Cleary you have heard gossip, but rumor mills are dangerous as you only hear one side. I couldn’t agree more with Concerned Citizen, that it is a shame that you have such a mission to be nasty and try and destroy someone’s reputation. If you REALLY knew who and what you were talking about you would be appalled by how far from the truth your claims appear.
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    Actually, there are far more NEGATIVE comments and experiences about Dynasplint than positive. Search Dynasplint and read through them. 95% of the posts portray Dynasplint as a company that does not take care of its employees well - period. DSI does not have a very good compensation/benefits package and is merely a "stepping stone" to a better medical device sales employment opportunity.
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    Re: Answer # 4. Do check the research but get Joint Active Systems SPS bibliography. Like DSI, EMPI sells dynamic devices and has no research to support efficacy. Most of DSI's recent research is authored by an in-house PhD, not an M.D. and the older stuff consists mostly of case studies i.e no significant patient census, no control, randomization, etc. Both loading techniques (Static Progressive and dynamic) provide results but SPS is documented to work in much less time and has significantly better clinical research backing it up.
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    We have found that the number one competitor to Dynasplint is the lack of knowledge about the splint and the indications of use. There are so many people that say they know Dynasplint but only a small percentage of all therapists and physicians understand all of the indications. That’s why the sales force at Dynasplint is growing- to get the word out to doctors and therapists. The technology of low load prolonged stretch is shown to be the best way to restore range of motion, utilizing the Creep Phenomenon and the Tert principle. The splint is more comfortable and tolerated better by patients because of the LLPS and the patients’ ability to increase or decrease the amount of stretch they feel during their treatment. It is also important to point out that Dynasplint can accommodate the wearing schedule for the patient to make it fit their lifestyle.
    We are happy to point out that there are several studies that are not related to Dynasplint that help support this information. Here are two significant studies to check out;
    Rehabilitation: Focused exercise aids shoulder hypomobility (Davies and Ellenberger)
    The use of splints in the treatment of joint stiffness: biologic rationale and an algorithm for making clinical decisions (PW McClure, LG Blackburn, and C Dusold)
    Happy reading!
  9. "Stepping stone?" I'll have to DISAGREE! As a current sales consultant of Dynasplint, I am very happy with my chosen career path. I have been working with Dynasplint for three years and have the utmost respect for the company as a whole. In fact, I have recruited my closest friends to come and join Dynasplint, as sales consultants, and they too share my position. "Stepping stone?" Over the past three years I have been able to rapidly achieve the President's Club level. I am more than satisfied with my compensation/benefits package...And my husband is too!
  10. I love the positive spin on everything, sounds like a Northern Div mgrs kool aid. There is a lot to love about Dynasplint like the product, hands on patient care, and feeling good about helping people. But again this is sales and if you are in sales you are here for the money. This is a stepping stone to a bigger and better pay day. They have predetermined packages basesd on how many patients get fit each month. So avg base is 45-70 plus an avg of 8-20 k in tier bonuses. 100k and up is unrealistic. Plus you work like a dog, which is fine, your day flys bye, but you re not compensated coorectly compared to the workload. Plus you will spend over your gas allowance. I guarantee that. Franchise comment is a joke. They can cut your territory at any time, decreasing your earning potential, and hold you to same quotas.
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    I just read all the comments and I don't recall anyone in this thread saying "Dynasplint has never done anything wrong." No company is perfect, but I have seen the good that this company does first hand. A significant majority of their staff enjoys the work they do, they take ownership of their contributions every day.

    As for the management positions . . . I'm sure that there are examples of people attaining those positions through hard work. Hard work and networking are two key components of self-advancement. Very often, the people that move up are those that are both qualified AND connected. This sentiment, "It's not what you know, it's who you know," has been around for a long time, and exists (to some extent) in every workplace.
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    I know some of the postings say that you are not compensated for the amount of work required...can anyone give me a true picture of the workload? How much off hours paperwork? How many hours per day in the field? Size of territories? Appts/day? Thank you.
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    Sales Consultants at Dynasplint do have about an hour of paperwork an evening depending upon activity. New tablet computers are rolling out in the first quarter of 09, and this will make a huge difference. They make about 8 to 12 calls per day to doctors and therapists, and fewer when they are fitting patients. The territories average about a one hour's drive from the radius of their area, but there are bigger territories out in the country and and tighter ones in the cities. In the end, the top producers work hard. This work is all about what you put into it. Good luck!
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    Thanks HR. You forgot to mention that you want people to work their asses off to make 50k total! Look around, it is real easy to find a better gig then this!
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    Help with Dynasplint Trisma Device and corporate contact

    My physician ordered me a Trisma splint and told me the sales rep would handle everything and come to my home to fit me. The physician left the country for a month. After almost a month, I was "fitted" with a Dynasplint trisma splint by a local rep today. Unfortunately s/he placed the splint in my mouth and did not have me redo it. She spent less than 10 minutes with me and met me at a non-medical place. I was told that there were full instructions including how to remove the pads for cleaning. She put it in the box and left. When I called to have her return (less than 5 minutes after she had left) to show me how to clean the device, she did not return my call at first, then refused to come back. I now have several questions.

    1. Which way do the pads go----less transparent plastic towards the teeth or away from them?
    2. How does one remove the pads for cleaning?
    3. Are the pads at the back of the mouth or the front (she did not tell me that)
    4. Who is in charge of sales staff and customer satisfaction at corporate? I previously left a voice mail for the managing director (I was told he was in charge) and that was not returned.

    Thank you. A very disatisfied customer